great example of tabata squats

as with anything I have been doing lately, this will be an ongoing experiment to efficiently get strong and burn fat while only scheduling 3 trips to the gym per week and minimizing the minutes spent in the gym each time…testing hypotheses…will modify accordingly every 3 -4 months if needed

part of my fall and winter work out plan is to minimize cardio to only High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in the form of tabata back squats ( I will do these last, every other workout = non deadlift days)

  • only 2 to 4 times a week (8 to 16 minutes cardio per week — that’s it!
  • one 4 minute round of empty bar (45 pounds); goal 10-12 reps per 20 seconds, and depending on how I feel, I will do the empty bar again …or add weight to bar:
  • one 4 minute round of 95 pounds; goal 8 or more reps per 20 seconds all 8 rounds

other goals:

  • push through the 20 second intensity phase as hard as possible / never stop till 10 second rest period starts
  • push to breathlessness — explore / redefine anaerobic max — shock mitochondria
  • avoid fainting or vomiting

this is a great example of amazing Tabata back squats