my current fitness plan; interesting books and websites

An ongoing, personal experiment the past year or more, I blend several expert’s recommendations to get strong and burn fat while minimizing trips to gym and minimize time in gym:

  1. Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint Fitness
  2. Rippetoe’s Starting Strength powerlifting
  3. Body by Science by McGuff and Little
  4. my upper body physical therapy regimen to avoid further injury and to heal my arm and shoulder injuries.
  5. The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance by Phinney and Volek

workout A: squat, deadlift, cable pull down, cable row, bicep dumbbell curl

workout B: squat, rotator cuff lateral rotation, shoulder front raise, Arnold press, tricep extensions, bench press, Tabata Squat

go to gym three times a week : M W F

Alternate : A-B-A first week then B-A-B the following week


  • Everyday is a Squat day !
  • Deadlifts are every other workout
  • Deads and squats are heavy, linear progression; weight and warmup per SS book / iPhone app
  • 48 – 72 hour rest for Squats; longer rest periods for Deads
  • everything but squats and deads are considered accessory / physical therapy movements, low weight, high rep, SuperSlow / BBS — ok to skip if time short or do on a day off
  • in place of sprinting or cardio I will do Tabata Squats everyother workout (8 – 16 minutes per week)
  • OFF days : move slowly — 3 or 4 walks per day…at work the goal will be 25 flights of stairs during several 5 minute breaks
  • fast 8 to 24 hours prior to workout, but take ~20gram protein / 5-10 gram branched chain amino acids right before workout
  • 2 or 3 cups coffee prior to workout; 16 ounce water
  • 2 – 12 hour post workout : goal ~150 gram protein; small window of time to ‘cheat’ with a few extra carbs over normal 20-40 gram daily goal: sweet potato fries, berries, honey in whipped cream, dark chocolate, almonds, macadamias, brazil nuts
  • Slo-Mag magnesium replacement tablets 2 or 3 times per day every day
  • Add salt to Big Fat Salad each day; eat salty things due to sodium losses during exercise
aug 2014 squats and deads
aug 2014 squats and deads

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