much more than weight loss … slow or reverse aging ; decrease incidence or severity of disease?

Even if you don’t need to lose weight — read more and see if it will help you sleep better, feel better or increase athletic performance.

When others ask me, these are my highlights of why I will continue a Primal, nutritional ketosis lifestyle, and why I recommend others try it:

Incredible, deep, restful sleep – my sleep improved early on before I lost much weight; now I usually get up without an alarm and I feel great.
Constant stream of energy throughout the day, regardless of the timing of my last meal…I usually fast 12 – 20 hours several times a week, usually before exercise – Now I easily do three hours of powerlifting and bicycling after a 20 hour fast…just to see if I can – I felt great.
Mental focus consistent through entire day regardless of meal timing.
I lost 115 pounds on the scale in about a year, but more importantly, I have lost over 12 inches off my waist size; I am back to the same college and high school clothing size.
My headaches/migraines are gone! I’m off medicines for them. The relief of living without headaches makes everything better and this alone would be enough for me to recommend Primal.
I can still enjoy wine with friends – I stopped drinking beer and mixed drinks with carbs, but continued red wine with meals and whisky or wine on social occasions.
Neck, ankle, hip, and knee joint pains have disappeared – they went away rapidly, before most of the weight loss – makes me think that the inflammation was due to diet more than wear and tear from carrying extra weight.
Acne and oily skin has decreased 95% – never this close to normal skin ever in my life.
Years of scaly, cracked feet have completely resolved spontaneously; a massage therapist noted I have the best feet she has seen on a 40 year old man.
My shoe size has decreased – I was size 11eee or 12 all my adult life. Now I’m 11 regular.
Two golf ball size sebaceous cysts on my back spontaneously dissolved in a few weeks.
Triglycerides lowered from very high levels down to 50 now.
LDL and small LDL particle size falling from very high to normal.
HDL from 30s to the 60s with low amount of exercise.
Fasting glucose from high 90s (pre-diabetes) down to low 80s (normal).
I had elevated ALT and AST most of my adult life – now liver function tests are normal.
For over 15 years I had episodic gastric reflux, stomach distention and constipation – this has completely resolved.
The majority of my 100 pound weight loss occurred while I was not exercising at all. I started exercising recently in the fall of 2012 (AFTER most of my weight loss). Despite plateaus of staying at the same weight for many weeks at a time, I have continually decreased my clothing size each month – I continue to gain strength, vascularity and muscular definition.

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